My Favorite Things


  • Favorite Flower: Peonies

  • Favorite Color: Purple

  • Can't Go A Day Without: Prayer, Thanking God, and Music

  • Favorite Food: Anything with lots of seafood 

  • Favorite Place to visit: Hard to pick but I love Disney World and all the Caribbean islands 

  • Favorite Month: December, of course. It's my birthday month.

  • Dream Assignment: Design a White House State Dinner 

  • Favorite Ice Cream: Sea Salt Caramel

  • Words to live by: Have a heart overflowing with gratefulness which produces a joyful life that is lived on and with purpose and embraces the unexpected.

  • Favorite Season: Fall

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas

  • A Wedding Is Not Complete Without: Love, laughter, great food and a happy couple!

  • Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: Presentation of the Bride. Seeing the groom's face light up with adoration as he watches the love of his life walk to him. Seeing the glow of love radiate from the bride as she locks eyes with the man of her dreams. It gets me every single time.

  • Other Favorites: My family. the Beach, Kate Spade, Gamecock Football, Mango Sorbet, Pearls, Hostess Gifts, Family Traditions, Watercolor Art, Poetry, Soca music, Podcasts, Gullah/ Geechee Culture, African Culture, Trinidad and Tobago; but most importantly LOVE


Renée Givens

Owner and Principal Designer



       My story begins at the age of 13 working on my family-owned farm that was an event facility and my parent's catering business along with being trained by my beloved aunt, who was a master florist and owned a traditional floral shop. Having been raised in a southern and Caribbean family I grew up to have a deep affection for etiquette, entertaining, beautiful presentations, timeless traditions and just making every day extraordinary. Growing up, I was a huge fan of movie/ theater set design, movie/ theater soundtracks and costuming; and I still am, so my style in designing weddings and events is a reflection of just that:  setting the artistic scene, taking details to the next level, and utilizing all five senses throughout an event for total sensory immersion to create the magic that comes alive when guests attend a Lush designed event showcasing creative and fresh design concepts unique to each client and event. 


My certification from floral design school and my extensive background in the hospitality industry; social & corporate sales/ corporate meeting planning with the Marriott brand and Sage Hospitality, helped to develop my ability to create one of kind events that are lavish and luxuriously lush by bringing the greatest attention to detail and a passion to provide exceptional service to each and every event. 


I have the experience and knowledge needed to execute flawless events that dares to inspire and dreams to aspire the very heart and soul of all who attends a Lush event. Just as no two people are the same, my team and I produce designs that are equally individual to you; adding just the right touch of style and elegance; we make every event… Luxurious, Lavish, and Lush! 

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Preston Bailey


  • CMBEA Member

  • 2016 Best Florist Runner-Up

  • 2016 Wedding of the Year Floral Designer Winner

Marriott Certified Wedding Planner

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