Preston Bailey Protege

"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments." ~ Rose Kennedy

There are moments in life that make you reflect, moments that are a call to action and there are moments that you want to live in daily. I recently had such a moment that had me experience all those emotions all at the same time. I had the distinct honor of being selected as a Preston Bailey Protege. With beith selected as a Preston Bailey Protege, I had the opportunity to go to Preston Bailey Design Studios in New York to learn from and work alongside Preston Bailey and his entire design team. It was an experience of a lifetime to learn how to take my designs from "wow" to "phenomenal" and beyond. As part of the protege class we designed floral statement pieces, filmed for an upcoming dvd and had one on one sessions with Preston Bailey, plus the amazing team behind the Preston Bailey brand which includes CEO Kathy Romero, Editor in Chief/ Branding and Marketing Guru Brenda Della Casa and Director of Sales Dawn Yardis.

Preston has such a beautiful spirit and is just so generous in sharing his knowledge after being in business for over 35 years. I loved hearing about his successes and his failures, his passion for design and his ability to be so open about his life not only professionally but personally as well. I really loved hearing CEO Kathy Romero speak on being authentic and finding our own voice. I think what will stay with me the most is how she spoke about maintaining the integrity not just in our body of work but in our personal lives as well. It's so easy to get lost in someone else's identity; so it's very important to stay true to who we are, know who we are and know what our brand is and what our dreams are. I am so forever grateful for the experince and I will hold onto the gift of knowledge that I was given.

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