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Lush Loves {Couples Edition} : Chelsea & Frankie

Chelsea And Frankie April 2016

Meet Chelsea and Frankie... When I first met Chelsea we had an almost two and a half hour consultation talking about our shared love of history, horses and the beauty of Charleston. I am so in love with Chelsea and Frankie's love story and I am super excited to be a small part of their upcoming April 2016 Charleston wedding.

What do you love about each other?

Frankie: I love that Chelsea laughs with me. We're both so fun loving that even the most boring task can be fun when we're in it together. Plus I love that she organizes everything and keeps me in line. :)

Chelsea: I really love how hard Frankie works for what he thinks is best. He sets a goal, and doesn't stop working to meet it. He keeps me on track too, because I tend to wander. :)

What are you looking forward to either at your wedding or in married life?

Frankie: I think I'm most looking forward to having Chelsea with me again. Having her balances the both of us and being apart because of the military just isn't fun.

Chelsea: I planned that sucker, I hope my wedding day is a blast! I'm really just looking forward to spending my life with my best friend.

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